Clif Jack returns with two-track ‘Silenzio Follia’ EP: Listen

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Clif Jack, one of the standout techno artists of 2023, is back with a bang on his record label, MJA The Vision.

The Italian DJ and producer made a significant impact last year with his debut on Reinier Zonnevelds Filth On Acid and Juliet Fox’s TREGAMBE, and he has also released tracks on other prestigious labels like Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou. Now, Clif Jack is returning to his label with a powerful two-track ‘Silenzio Follia’ EP that showcases his evolution as an artist.

MJA The Vision is more than just a record label for Clif Jack; it’s a platform for his artistic expression and a space to foster other talents. Launched at the end of 2023, the label has already signed music from notable artists such as Luca Morris, Vikthor, and AM.I. This new EP marks Clif Jack’s second release on the imprint, promising to deliver the high-energy, dynamic techno that fans have come to expect from him.

The title track, ‘Silenzio Follia,’ was born from an inspired studio session where Clif Jack sought to capture the stark contrast between silence and madness. During a conversation with a friend, he inadvertently recorded their discussion, which later became the foundation for the track. Words like ‘Silenzio’ (Silence) and ‘Follia’ (Madness) were sampled, adding a unique and personal touch to the track. Clif Jack was initially nervous about using these private words, but his friend loved the idea, adding to the track’s authenticity and emotional depth.

The EP’s second track, ‘The Radar,’ offers a slightly more subdued yet equally intense experience. It features tough percussion, thrashing hi-hats, and fluttering lead synth melodies, blending a sense of euphoria with a dark, atmospheric undercurrent. This release highlights Clif Jack’s innovative approach to techno and reinforces MJA The Vision’s potential as a major player in the electronic music scene.

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