MANTi drops ‘Lose Yourself’ EP on LSF21+

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The LA-based producer MANTi makes her highly-anticipated debut on Santé and Re.You’s Berlin-based imprint.

Over the past year, MANTi, the musical signature of Iranian producer Mana Nabati, has continued to gain attention with her work. Now, she is finishing the year on a high note with her latest release, the two-track EP titled ‘Lose Yourself.’ Having already received critical acclaim from previous releases on labels such as Marginalia, Einmusika, Natura Viva, New Tab Music, and Clepsydra, MANTi makes her eagerly awaited debut on Santé and Re.You’s Berlin-based imprint, LSF21+.

The EP showcases MANTi’s talent with the title track, ‘Lose Yourself.’ Throughout the track, the Los Angeles-based artist delves into her sonic repertoire, crafting a magnetic dance-floor experience that features complex drum patterns, sweeping chords, and ethereal synth refrains. In total, the track is eight minutes long, yet it constantly and consistently combines complex textures, warped basslines, and a driving groove that epitomizes MANTi’s creativity.

“‘Lose Yourself’ and ‘Distant, Yet Connected’ are deep, hypnotic, ethereal, and melodic, which is my fav kind of music.” MANTi shared. “These tracks are a reflection of the emotions and experiences that inspired them. I am excited to join the LSF21+ team as I love the music they have been releasing and their overall music direction.”

“Distant, Yet Connected,” is the second and final track of the EP. It keeps the dream-like sound for over five minutes, while exploring a dynamic counterpart. Sharp hi-hats, resonant bass punctuations, and graceful melodies entwine, crafting a enchanting auditory panorama. All in all, MANTi shapes lush pads and meticulous synth arrangements, broadening the sonic horizons and providing a fitting conclusion to her impactful introduction on LSF21+.

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