Soki unveils a mesmerizing two-track EP ‘Infinite’

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Rising DJ Soki releases a brand new EP, debuting on Altered States Records.

DJs all around strive to push the boundaries of EDM, willing to find new sounds and textures to create art. Los Angeles’ Soki desires to be no different, emerging as an artist to watch in the world of Breakbeat EDM. Wowing audiences at grand festivals like Electric Forest and Tomorrowland, Soki maintains a musical philosophy of finding a genuine connection. Recently, Soki inked a deal with Altered States, the label of Zed’s Dead, a well-known duo Soki greatly admires. In addition to his signing, Soki also released his Altered States debut, a two-track EP titled ‘Infinite’, as well too.

Now, ‘Infinite‘ itself doesn’t actually go on for very long, as the EP barely cracks the four-minute mark altogether. However, both songs make the EP an all-around pleasant and enjoyable experience that leaves the door open for repeats. Both ‘Infinite’ and ‘Sirens Calling‘ contain a mix of bubbly synths, peppy beats, and soothing vocals all blended well together. These elements lead to the EP feeling like walking out into an open field of sunlight on a cold day.

Soki’s debut on Altered States surely makes for a fantastic inclusion in the label’s precise roster, discography, and overall caliber. Zed’s Dead made a phenomenal decision when signing the young hopeful.

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