U-he Diva plugin review

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At the intersection of sound and usability, there are a multitude of analog synths available in the market today. However, when it comes to creating the most compelling analog sound, the u-he Diva stands apart as a synthesizer that can perform complex synthesis while also being comparatively easier to use. Diva is a VST that is multi-faceted that is also powerful and robust and makes for a formidable synth plugin that borrows from most classic synths.

Diva (Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue), is not just a synthesizer; it contains an extensive range of various instruments that have been amalgamated and tactfully crafted with a lot of specifications and detail.

In this review, we’ll aim to give you an overview of Diva and what it can do.

U-he Diva Features

Diva is a virtual synth that is compatible with most mainstream DAWs in 32-bit & 64-bit versions and it comes with over 1200 presets comparable to Arturia‘s range of synths.

The main analog synths Diva is modeled on are Moog‘s Minimoog, Alpha Juno and Juno 60, Roland‘s Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8, and Korg‘s MS20.

Diva is more or less built upon the Minimoog and its interface mimics the Minimoog, especially in its layout. But that being said, the layout is modifiable based on selecting different envelopes and filters. However, what most users like about Diva is the sheer size of its interface and the knobs and sliders. It’s much easier to create the sounds you want by using its impressive and large UI which most users have positive reviews of.

Diva has its set of oscillators, envelopes, and filters, just like most regular synths which along with the presets can help you craft some interesting and unique sounds for your mix.

The 5 oscillators that Diva has are Triple VCO, Dual VCO, DCO, Dual VCO Eco, and Digital; this gives room for a lot of experimentation and tweaking.

While on the filter front, Diva’s filter modes are based & built from most classic hardware synths in its design, these are VCF Ladder, Cascade, Multimode, Bite, and Uhbie.

On the upper right-hand side, Diva has 3 ADSR envelopes that are primarily modeled on vintage hardware synths. They are namely, Minimoog ADS, and analog and digital ADSR.

Diva has 2 LFOs on the bottom left side, which have various phase, delay, rate, waveform, and restart options. LFO 1 controls the source vibrato while LFO 2 ‘Mod’ modifies Diva’s other modules to which it’s linked.

The presets range from classic to modern sounds from pads to basses, lead, synth, and ambient sounds.

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U-he Diva Sound

Diva has a lush and warm sound, which is very natural & perfect for most electronic music production. The intricate ways in which you can modify and create sounds owing to its high functionality are seemingly endless and as flexible as they are intriguing and it’s almost like having a real analog hardware synth at your disposal.

Also, if you find creating your own sounds on Diva or on any synths cumbersome, i.e. if you’re a not very experienced synth user or producer, the preset library is itself very formidable and highly useful to use as a base and then tweak the sound thereafter.

Along with its diverse range of instruments, building on creating the sounds you want from the presets is a great way to get started and get a feel of Diva. The process is much easier, simpler, and less complicated and it sounds better than say another mainstream synth in say Serum, but again that’s highly subjective and a matter of taste & skill level.

Diva’s sound is mostly well-received by users across genres and the music production spectrum, making it a widely revered and highly regarded synth that’s available in the market today.

U-he Diva Pros & Cons

Diva has more pros than cons. Of course, it can be difficult to create a synth that has no flaws, however, in terms of usability and performance, Diva has more positives than negatives.

1. Easy-to-use, simple & intuitive UI
2. Powerful modulation & synthesis to create complex sounds
3. Comprehensive preset and sound library
4. Flexible routing and modulation
5. Easy to create custom patches & sounds
6. Almost like a real hardware synth

1. Heavy CPU-intensive usage
2. Priced on the slightly higher side
3. Steep learning curve for absolute beginners

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Tech Specs

  • Software Type: Synth
  • Platform: Mac, PC
  • Upgrade/Full: Full
  • Download/Boxed: Download
  • Bit Depth: 32-bit, 64-bit
  • Format: AAX, VST2, VST3, AU, NKS
  • Hardware Requirements – Mac: Intel Core i3 or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended
  • Hardware Requirements – PC: Intel Core i3 or higher, 4GB RAM or more recommended
  • OS Requirements – Mac: OS X 10.9 or later
  • OS Requirements – PC: Windows 7 SP1 or later
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 10-12078

    | U-He Diva is Available for purchase here


To summarise Diva, it’s a pretty bang for the buck. Priced at $179, you get a synth that lets you create a very rich, warm, and compelling sound with a lot of feeling and texture. The customizability and functionalities are rather formidable while also being easily usable and it’s a synth that can get you going in your process of creating music rather seamlessly.

With its comparatively simpler UI and extensive preset and sound bank, you can get some evocative sounds that can make your track and mix even more interesting & unique and sounds that stand out.

It’s a synth that’s built upon some of the most revolutionary synths of the past and as mentioned earlier, it’s almost like having all those real hardware synths physically accessible at your disposal as you use it in your DAW.

The only blemishes are that it’s heavily CPU intensive and the pricing could be a deal breaker for producers on a budget.

However, it’s a VST that has pushed the boundaries of synthesis and is surely a must-have for producers looking at the myriad options of synths in the market today.

Rating – 9/10

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